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Smokie : The Smallest War Dog

Smokie, a Yorkshire Terrier weighing only 2kg, was the smallest dog to serve in the Pacific during WW2.

Her military career began when an American GI found her, abandoned, in a foxhole on the Island of New Guinea. Her savior gave her to another soldier who sold her to a member of the U.S. Army Air Force, William Wynne, for the equivalent of about $6.50. Smokie was stuck with Wayne from then on, flying12 combat missions with the Air Force's 26th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron. During the battle for the Philippines, she even dragged a communications cable 70 feet through an 8 inch wide pipe under an airplane runway.

After Yank magazine called Smokie the "the best mascot in the South Pacific", the tiny soldier started making moral visits to hospitals. She continued cheering up sick veterans until her death in 1957. Today a monument to this dog's achievements stands in Cleaveland

Not working with animals anymore. Will limit to just playing with them

Dear readers,

It is with great regret that i have to leave my occupation as pet groomer. I will not say why, as there too many accumulated reasons to justify this decision; and they all sadden me.

Thank you very much


Friday, May 7, 2010

Featured in the news paper

I'm Proud to say that I've been featured in the NST:


JOANNE LEE and ELIZABETH LIM, both 29, pet groomers

IT was Lee’s childhood dream to set up a doggy daycare and mobile pet grooming service.

Lee’s career as a pet groomer was her stepping stone towards the dream, which came true when she became partners with Lim, who ran a doggy daycare centre.

House call grooming is available every weekday afternoon while doggy daycare services are from 6pm to midnight on weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends.

The rates for a grooming session depends on the size of the dog. The rates are listed on instingt.blogspot.com.

“Usually a session takes four hours. I also need to comply to clients’ demands,” she said.
Clients are mostly housewives, home business owners and generally people who want to avoid the nasty traffic jams.

Cheong Aivy, 30, has been Lee’s client since March. “She is professional when it comes to her job and takes care of the pets like her own. She is very particular that the pets are perfectly groomed. She would also inform me of any infection,” she said.

The services are provided within the Klang Valley and the charges include transport. Extra charges are applicable for destinations a little further away.

The doggy daycare centre is at 105 Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya.

For details, look up Dog House PJ on Facebook or email doghousepj@gmail.com. (correction: thedoghousepj@gmail.com)


Here's the link: http://streets.nst.com.my/Tuesday/Stories/20100504000125/Article
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dog House PJ

Over Chinese New Year 2010, Instingt Pet Groomer has merged with The Dog House PJ.

There is no website yet, so to see more info about us, please go to our Facebook Page (click link on right of this page)

Here's what we have come up with:
Dogs here are free to roam around as they please. They have free access to the main hall and dining area; totaling to about 500 square feet of indoor space. In these areas, there are tables, chairs, sofas and pens where they can curl up and rest, or chew on their precious toy.

For dogs who are considered aggressive or super fearful, they will have their individual playpen until they are ready to mix with the rest. These play pens are designed so that the dogs can see and sniff each other, they get to watch each others behavior; like body language & playfulness. They get to discover each other while being protected by a fence. The fence doesn't isolate the dogs and so they can still curl up and sleep next to each other, bodies and nose touching.

When we think the dogs are ready to mix with the rest, what we will do is open the pen slightly. The dog gets to choose to come out or remain inside. Meanwhile, the rest of the dogs will be prohibited to enter the pen. This is so that this individual will not be overwhelmed by the other dogs barging in and so-call 'conquering his/her space'.

At night, during bed time (6 hours), dogs who we are 'unsure' of will be put back into their pens or cages. It's bedtime, and after an exhausting day, they will most probably spend that 6 hours sleeping. When morning comes, they will have Garden-Time while we get them ready for the morning 1-hour-walk to start the day.

The Walk is not a lazy stroll; it's a steady speed, pack walk. Here is when we, the humans, establish pack leadership. The leader (alpha) position is important to establish so that we (humans) have psychological control over the dogs. With this psychological advantage, we may not have to physically correct dogs who are misbehaving, but only need to voice a gentle, calm "aik" or "wei". The pack walk is where dogs walk behind or beside us, never in front. Aside from establishing the humans as leaders of the pack, it also serves to burn off the energy that has been accumulated during their rest. Of course, dogs who tire easily (i.e. over weight, low energy, aging dogs) will walk less and at a slower pace. High energy, young and very active dogs will have a faster and longer walk. To understand more of the pack walk concept, please read Cesar Millan's books "Cesar's Way" and "Be The Pack Leader".

Note: We incorporate some of Cesar's Methods which we find practical & useful to us. We DO NOT follow them to the 'T'. We admire Cesar Millan and his simple approach to dealing with dogs, but we don't worship him ;)

During the rest of the day, dogs are free to roam inside the house, they are encourage to mingle, nap, chew toys, and engage in quiet-gentle play. Every 3 hours or so, they will go out into the garden (about 500 sq ft) where they can take on a more excited-energetic play, sprint up and down, play ball, poo-poo and pee-pee. In the evenings, the dogs will go on their second & final walk of the day. There will be a few more garden time before everyone calls it a day at 11pm.

One of our goals here is to have your dog go home tired, calm and satisfied. Ready to curl up, nuzzle and snooze on your lap, or under your feet. No more mid-night barking/howling for no good reason, herding kids around, tearing up furniture, no more pent up energy. This means no more angry neighbors, irritated spouse/parents, and no more Majilis Perbandaran at your door step.

Grooming style is primarily focused on dog's comfort and hygiene necessities. The secondary focus is on speed of groom. The tertiary focus is on beauty and perfect trim. Our ultimate grooming goal is to have the dog gradually learn to take pleasure in being groomed. Loads of praise and treats are used to reward positive behavior or used as a distraction. Firm (not hard) yet gentle handling is used to gradually correct negative behavior. Fears or mental trauma a dog may have from previous experience can be gradually removed (or at least reduced) through patient and gentle grooming.

When you visit us, whether to check out the place or to ask for price; we encourage you to bring your dog along. During the visit, we will give your dog tasty treats, and get to know your dog. Your dog also gets to roam the premise, get to know us and the resident dogs while you’re around. This way, it helps ease the dog and prepare him/her for the time when he/she has to be alone here by him/herself. At least, when time comes for your dog to stay here, he/she feels that he/she already knows the place, dogs and people here. That would make for a more comfortable stay.

NOTE: (Oct 2010) Dog walks have been canceled, because once owners see the Dog House, they decide that it it is unnecessary. From now on, dogs will be walked only upon request.

Grooming Rates as of 1 March 2010

Click on the chart for a bigger view

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Grooming Rates effective 1 March 2010

Here are the new grooming rates for 2010 ;) For past clients, you get the old rates for your next 2 grooms :)

House Calls for grooming dogs. For my own security, I only do house calls for families and all women households. If you do not belong to either, I can make arrangements to pick your dog up and groom in a different location :-)

Extra Small: Chi Hua Hua size
Small : . . . .Shih Tzu size
Medium : . . Cocker Spaniel size
Large : . . . .Golden Retriever

Basic Groom: Nails, Ears, Ear fur, Belly, Paw pad, Anal gland, Bath, Dry
Extra Small: RM40
Small: . . . . RM60

Medium: . . .RM80

Large: . . . . RM100

Botak / Balding :
All of the above plus balding head & body, or body only
Extra Small: RM50
Small: . . . . RM75

Medium: . . .RM100

Large: . . . . RM125

Full Groom: All of basic groom plus Total Body Styling
Extra Small: RM60
Small: . . . . RM90

Medium: . . .RM120

Large: . . . . RM150

Bathe & Dry Only :
Fur 1 inch or less: RM20 - RM60 depending on size

Fur 1-3 inches . .: RM30 - RM70 depending on size
Fur 3-6 inches . .: RM40 - RM100 depending on size

Add On:
Tick wash (Tick Killer)
Extra Small: Add RM5

Small: . . . . Add RM10
Medium: . . .Add RM15
Large: . . . . Add RM20

Cats : Bathe, clean ears (Please email)

If your dog doesn't allow you to clean their ears or clip their nails, I can do that for you... email me at instingt@gmail.com for separate price.

My areas are Petaling Jaya, Damansara, Hartamas, Subang, Kinrara, Old Klang Road

What I need from you:
:: 1 Plug point, near my grooming table (for my clipper & drier)
:: Your pet's towel

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Grooming Rates

New grooming rates will be up soon, it will be applied on 1st March. Send me an email for discounts. Old clients will still benefit from old rates for their next 2 grooms :)

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